ECAI 2024 - 3rd International Workshop on

Process Management in the AI era

Process Management (PM) is a growing multidisciplinary discipline combining insights from operation management, computer science, and data science (cf., process mining). The extraordinary development of AI techniques is paving the way toward a new generation of information systems able to “augment” process management, making them more autonomous, adaptive, intelligent, and self-optimizing. Such systems are referred to as “AI-augmented BPM systems, (ABPMS). These are AI-empowered, trustworthy, and process-aware systems that continuously reason and act on data within a set of constraints, with the aim of adapting and improving one or more processes according to various indicators. ABPMSs are the backbone necessary to realize the vision of the enterprise of the future, enabling organizations to gradually shift their process management, advancing along the six levels of autonomous process execution management. 

Achieving a synergetic combination between AI and PM poses foundational, conceptual, and technical challenges related to the integration of symbolic and sub-symbolic AI techniques, and how to infuse them within PM. At the same time, delegating autonomy brings pressing requirements on the trustworthiness of such systems, and on their ability to interact with human experts and explain their own behavior. 

The workshop aims to bring together researchers from different research disciplines and a strong interest in promoting the synergy between AI and PM to address the above frontier challenges. We welcome scientists, practitioners, and students from academic and industrial communities who are interested in the synergy between AI and PM, to participate and submit their original work. We welcome not only contributions that empower PM with AI techniques, but also contributions that exploit their combination to solve more general problems in AI.